We are a group of people from different corners of the world, dedicated to run life enriching travel experiences for YOUR clients!

Founded in 2001, we started as a DMC for Ecuador & Galapagos from our Quito office. As of 2008 we started operating cruises in the Galapagos Islands. With our passion for the underwater world we now run liveaboard diving cruises as well.

At ATC we do not only love what we do, through integrity and loyalty we emphasize on long term relationships with our clients and suppliers in the industry. Our spirit for innovation in product and technology, together with a vision of sustainability, empower us on our continuing mission: a true commitment to deliver top quality services and memorable experiences.

Next Events

19th – 27th / Jan. / 2019
Mohamed El Saadany

2nd – 3rd / Feb. / 2019
Mohamed El Saadany

15th – 16th / Feb. / 2019
Mohamed El Saadany

22th – 24th / Feb. / 2019
Mohamed El Saadany

6th – 10th / Mar. / 2019
Bryan van Leeuwen

10th – 12nd / Jun. / 2019
Bryan van Leeuwen

18th – 20th / Sept. / 2019
Alexandra Molina

16th – 18th / Oct. / 2019
Teresa Nebauer

4th – 6th / Nov. / 2019
Andrés Benitez

2nd – 6th / Dec. / 2019
Bryan van Leeuwen

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